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There was buzz around the iPhone 6S feature for multiple reasons that Apple strategically marketed.

One such feature, the 3D Touch, that Apple doesn’t want users hacking, however, is the screen which can double as a scale.

Originally intended to provide a preview option for URLs when held or pressed firmly (among other shortcuts), the iPhone’s pristine glass screen was also able to detect how much pressure was being applied, even on multiple pressure points at the same time

Apple doesn’t want people using the feature in this capacity.

As app developer Ryan McLeod found out, the California-based company denied his weighing scale app because an app for that purpose will not be allowed in the Apple store, he was told.

The exact reasons, according to the Independent, aren’t clear, but it could have to do with the phone potentially being damaged and a “misuse of technology” by people who use it to possibly weigh drugs…

Source: The iPhone 6S feature Apple doesn’t want you to use | www.ajc.com