Donald Trump met with a group of black pastors at Trump Tower today to discuss the many serious issues that are facing the black community after seven years of Obama’s presidency.

One of the pastors, Dr. Darrell Scott, had some very strong words when asked about his support for Trump. Support that the media is having a difficult time understanding.

“I don’t have concerns [about Trump],” said Scott. “He not what the liberal media is depicting him to be.”

Love him or hate him.  The country has never seen a campaign like the one Donald Trump has rolled out.

Many of the statements he has made would have doomed other presidential candidates but his numbers have only continued to grow until very recently.

The media has done their best to marginalize Trump and paint him as a racist but to a large extent, it isn’t working.

The black community has been ravaged under President Obama as they have witnessed race relations deteriorate and jobs disappear.

If Donald Trump is willing to make that a focal point of his campaign, there is no telling how African-American voters will respond.  That is especially true when you consider the fact that the Democratic Party has failed them in so many ways over the past several decades.

Source: Donald Trump Enjoys A Warm Reception From Room Full Of Black Pastors