On Tuesday, 2016 GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump launched a new 15-second campaign ad on Facebook against Democrat challenger Hillary Rodham Clinton in which he called her out for being indifferent to the key issues that concern everyday Americans.

The video showed images pertaining to three scandals — Benghazi, Whitewater and her private email server — interspersed between a video clip of Clinton proudly boasting, “It doesn’t matter.”

What made the ad so amazing — and what in fact earned it lots of praise from Trump’s Facebook followers — was the way in which Trump used Clinton’s own words against her.

The premise was a simple one — Hillary Clinton doesn’t care about things that matter, like the fact that she illegally used a private email address on a personal server apparently stored in a bathroom closet to send and receive classified information.

Nor does Clinton care about the fact that President Barack Hussein Obama just signed a horrible nuclear deal with Iran — or the fact that Planned Parenthood officials see nothing wrong with harvesting and selling fetal body parts — or the fact that the Islamic State group is growing stronger by the day.

“It does matter!” a caption reminded her, to which she could be seen responding by asking, “What difference at this point does it make?”

Apparently, all Clinton genuinely cares about is deflecting the truth and making flat jokes about Snapchat.

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Source: Donald Trump Launches NEW 15-Second Anti-Hillary Video… See Why Over 50,000 People “Like” It