Jeb Bush has said it again — Donald Trump’s star will fade and support for the Republican presidential front-runner will wane. Yet, even as the former Florida governor went on CNN Sunday to trash Trump and his chances for capturing the GOP nomination, The Donald maintains his lead in the race for the party’s presidential nod.

According to polls released during the third week of October, the businessman turned politician holds his pacesetting position by several points; and in some polls, the real estate mogul leads the GOP pack by double digits. He certainly far out-polls Bush.

In the Morning Consult poll counting likely voters’ first and second choices, Trump gets almost 50% of GOP primary votes. Carson trails the billionaire by roughly 10 points, and it’s considered likely that many of Carson’s “second-choice” voters are otherwise Trump supporters.

Turning attention specifically toward the early primary state voters who often determine the party’s nominee, ORC conducted a more thorough survey and found if the election were held today, the brash New Yorker would definitely get the most votes. CNN published the ORC poll’s findings.

The first question ORC pollsters asked during their phone surveys was, “If the Republican caucus were held today, please tell me which of the following people you would be most likely to support?”

In Nevada, Trump led Carson by 16 points. The gap widens in South Carolina where likely GOP primary voters support the real estate mogul over the doctor by 18 points. Trump gets 36% of their support while Carson trails at 18% among likely Republican voters.

Only time will tell if Trump can hold this lead, but if the current trend continues, the odds are definitely in his favor.

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