The Justice Department on Wednesday announced a series of prison reforms intended to help former inmates return successfully to their communities. The federal government plans to set up a school district within the federal prison system; pay for state-issued IDs before inmates are released; regulate federal halfway houses and “explore alternative models”; and finally, enhance mental health and substance-abuse programs for female inmates.

“Helping incarcerated individuals prepare for life after prison is not just sound public policy; it is a moral imperative,” said Attorney General Loretta E. Lynch.

“These critical reforms will help give federal inmates the tools and assistance they need to successfully return home as productive, law-abiding members of society.  By putting returning citizens in a position to make the most of their second chance, we can create stronger communities, safer neighborhoods and brighter futures for all.”

The announcement comes a year after the Bureau of Prisons hired outside consultants to review its operations and recommend changes to minimize recidivism. A new prison reform website established by the Justice Department details the current and ongoing reforms at BOP.