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From Britain… Let’s hope Obama and the Democrats don’t get any sicko ideas here… Obamacare has hit our seniors hard enough with its half trillion dollars in Medicare cuts.


A local council could introduce a £26 ‘falling fee’ for pensioners who need help getting to their feet after a fall.

Tendring District Council in Essex plans to extend its Careline service, a plan which helps around 3,000 pensioners live independently at home.

The proposal includes the introduction of an additional £25.92 annual charge onto the existing monthly £21.60 fee for users in the event that they fall over and need help getting back to their feet.

The move has been roundly criticised. Michael Le Cornu of Tendring Pensioners’ Action group said services for the elderly and vulnerable should be safeguarded from cuts.

‘We have paid taxes all for lives for health services,’ he said.

The council said it would save paramedic from unnecessary call-outs

‘This was supposed to be our insurance but now we are being asked to pay again.

‘What will happen if we don’t pay extra? Will we be left on the floor?’

Labour group leader Ivan Henderson called the scheme ‘immoral.’

‘It’s unbelievable that an elderly person laying on the floor will have to think about whether they had signed up to pay £26 to be picked up,’ he said.

Source: Tendring District Council may charge pensioners £26 if they fall | Metro News