What a disgraceful accusation of terrorism from the Obama administration!

False equivalence is a hallmark of liberal thinking, to the point that officials from the Obama administration genuinely believe that the Israeli people are just as guilty of committing acts of terror as their Palestinian counterparts.

Even Secretary of State John Kerry apparently thinks like this. On October 13, for instance, he suggested that the construction of additional residences in the West Bank somehow constitutes terrorism.

The following day, Kerry spokesman John Kirby clarified those remarks for reporters.

“I would say certainly individuals on both sides of this divide are, have proven capable of and in our view (are) guilty of acts of terror,” he said during a daily news briefing.

Not surprisingly, the Israeli people disagreed.

“He’s putting me in the same category as if I were a terrorist,” Israeli tour guide Yoav Rotem complained to Breitbart. “I do not want to wipe the Palestinian people off the map.”

The Israeli people are driven by a need to defend themselves against genuine terror attacks, whereas the Palestinians are inspired by nothing but unadulterated hatred for the Jews.

“We punish anyone who deliberately attacks innocent people and do everything to avoid harming civilians,” an anonymous Israeli soldier explained. “The Palestinians deliberately target civilians and celebrate those who succeed.”

Elliott Chodoff, a leading Israeli counter-terrorism agent, echoed this sentiment, pointing out that the Palestinians even use their own civilians as human shields by launching rockets from schools, hospitals and other locations frequented by innocent men, women and children.

And then when the Israelis fire back in self-defense and wind up causing collateral damage through no fault of their own, they get accused of engaging in terrorism.

Source: BREAKING: Obama Admin Accuses Israel of TERRORISM… Spread This Like Wildfire