A subset of the Black Lives Matter movement has decided to lash out at what they deem to be symbols of “white supremacy” and the “illusion of superiority,” most notably the American flag.

Utilizing the hashtag #F**yoflag, or simply #FYF, they were determined to bring dishonor to a day that most Americans hold in solemn reverence: 9/11.

Some of these people recently showed just how much lower than pond scum they really were by vandalizing a disabled veteran’s truck in Texas that bore the pro-cop message, “police lives matter.”

All over the truck the thugs spray-painted “black lives matter,” “FYF,” as well as the message “F*** your flag, your family, your feelings, your faith.” They even broke into the truck, stole valuable items and tore up the interior, totaling the vehicle with the damage done.

A local Dallas news crew interviewed the veteran and his family after the racially charged graffiti and destruction was discovered.

The 18-year-old son of the veteran said, “We heard about all the fallen officers for the month and (Deputy Darren) Goforth’s funeral and Back the Blue Day, and we wanted to support that,” adding that he hoped to one day become a police officer.

“They need support so they can feel that what they do, putting their lives on the line every day, is worth it,” said Scott Lattin, owner of the vandalized truck.


“Engage me in a dialogue,” said Lattin. “Don’t destroy my stuff; it’s the only truck we have and because of this, it’s totaled now . I firmly believe black lives matter, white lives matter, police lives matter. Yes, absolutely.”

Source: Disabled Vet Puts Pro-Cop Message on Truck… Then #BlackLivesMatter Punks Show Up [VIDEO]