Disabled Homeowner Shoots Home Invader, May Go To Prison... 'This is BULL!' Click to Tweet

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A disabled 67-year-old Maine man who shot an alleged intruder attempting to steal his prescription painkillers, is now being told by his landlord that he must either surrender his weapon or move out of his apartment.

Harvey Lembo, a veteran, was infuriated on Tuesday when he received a letter from the company that manages his apartment building in Rockland, Maine telling him that he must give up his firearm.

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“This is bull,” Lembo said in an interview with the Bangor Daily News.

Lembo said he only purchased the 7mm revolver because he had been burglarized four times in the past.

Russ Gagne, director of finance for the Park Place Apartments, said the policy prohibiting firearms is part of the apartment building’s house rules, and all tenants agree to adhere to these rules when they sign a lease…

Source: Disabled man who shot burglar is told to give up his gun – Red Alert Politics