Did Trump Just Endorse Cruz? Almost... Click to Tweet

Trump, who has described Cruz as a “maniac” in the Senate, said he’s not concerned about his fellow GOP presidential candidate’s temperament.

“Let’ me tell you something, I’ve gotten to know him over the last three or four days, and he has a wonderful temperament,” Trump said, patting a smiling Cruz on the back. “He’s just fine. Don’t worry about it.”

Cruz was then asked to address why he questioned Trump’s judgment in a closed-door meeting with donors last week.“What I said in private is exactly what I’ll say here, which is that the judgment every voter is making here is who has the experience, the vision and judgment to be commander in chief,” Cruz said. “That’s the most important decision for voters, and it’s a standard I’m held to and everyone else is held to.”

Source: Trump and Cruz backtrack on attacks | TheHill