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Women release bombshell about Carson. Nobody saw this coming…

For months, Republican presidential hopeful Dr. Ben Carson has been just behind fellow presidential hopeful Donald Trump. Trump has been the undisputed front-runner of the Republican primary … until Tuesday.

CBS News reported that in a stunning shift, Dr. Carson had developed a four point lead over Donald Trump in a nationwide poll of Republican primary voters, 26 percent of whom backed Carson, while 22 percent backed Trump.

No other candidates had double-digit support.

Perhaps most stunning of all, more women backed Carson in the poll than Trump. This was the first time in the campaign cycle that this had happened.

Trump has often claimed that he “loves women,” and that, despite comments that some believe to be sexist or rude, women have overwhelmingly supported him in every poll.

This new poll may force him to reconsider some of the things he has been saying.

Carson also commanded a 20 point lead ahead of Trump in terms of support among evangelical groups, and tied with Trump for support among male voters.

While Carson has his lead for now, the polls also showed that “seven in 10 Republican primary voters say it is too early to say for sure that their mind is made up about which candidate they will support.”

Source: DEVELOPING: Women Release Bombshell News About Carson… Nobody Saw This Coming