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Good This NEEDS to happen.

Americans are dealing with the Paris terror attacks in the best way they know how — by arming themselves.

According to Texas Arms, a firearms retailer in San Antonio, Texas, gun sales have skyrocketed in the past week. The retailer reports a 30 percent boost in sales, according to local Fox station KABB.

Jerry McCall, Texas Arms’ owner, said many of his new customers have never owned a gun before, adding some buyers are seniors looking out for the safety of their families.

“I don’t think we should live in fear, but I think we should be trained,” he said.

Mary Hernandez and her husband were an example of the kinds of buyers McCall has seen. The couple said they bought their first gun last year and recent events make them feel they could never have too much protection.

“I don’t want to be with my kids and my family hiding under a table. I want to be protecting us and get out of there and if I had to, try to stop somebody,” Mary Hernandez told the station.

Russell Durling, owner of Last Resort Guns in Madison County, Alabama, has also seen a similar spike in sales.

“The truth of it is, when America is scared, America buys guns,” he told WSFA.

Gun owner Troy Slay said the Paris attacks were eye-opening and could happen anywhere. He said he felt the need to have a gun now more than ever.

“It’s not so much feeling unsafe, it’s the being prepared aspect,” Slay said.

Clearly Americans are exercising their Second Amendment right — and rightly so.

Source: DEVELOPING: Here’s What Is Happening to Gun Sales Across America After Paris