America needs to know this.

In an op-ed piece published on social media site LinkedIn, broadcast legend Ted Koppel warned Americans about the possibility of an attack that takes out our electrical grid.

The piece was an excerpt from Koppel’s recent book “Lights Out: A Cyberattack, A Nation Unprepared, Surviving the Aftermath.” In the book, he argues that our greatest threat comes from a terrorist cyberattack on our nation’s electricity supply.

“If an adversary of this country has as its goal inflicting maximum damage and pain on the largest num­ber of Americans, there may not be a more productive target than one of our electric power grids,” Koppel wrote.

“There are three power grids that generate and distrib­ute electricity throughout the United States, and taking down all or any part of a grid would scatter millions of Americans in a desperate search for light, while those unable to travel would tumble back into something approximating the mid-nineteenth century,” he explained.

According to Koppel, government agencies are simply unequipped to deal with such a possibility.

“It would be comforting to report that those agencies charged with responding to disaster are adequately prepared to deal with the consequences of a cyberattack on the grid,” Koppel wrote. “They are not.”

As an example, Koppel talked to the chief of the Federal Emergency Management Agency, Craig Fugate.

“Fugate warned that there’s a limit to how much FEMA can do, but he’s confident in prioritizing certain objectives,” Koppel wrote.

“‘Keep the water on,’ he said. ‘That means we need to have enough power to pump, treat, and distribute water through the system. You have to keep the water system up, and you’ve gotta then focus on the water treatment system. Backing up sewage is just about as bad. Those two pieces will buy you enough time to look at what your alternatives are.’”

Scoffers may laugh at “preppers”, but are YOU prepared for such an occurrence?

Source: DEVELOPING: Urgent Warning Released About Terrifying Threat To US… This Will SHUT America Down