Detroit Catholic High School Just Opened a New Prayer Room... But for Muslims? Click to Tweet

In a bid to be more “inclusive,” the president of a private all-boys Catholic college preparatory high school in Detroit decided recently to transform a reflection room inside the school into a Muslim prayer room.

“(T)his focus on, ‘It’s Muslim’ … I guess the way I would view it, we’re a Catholic school; we continue to teach the Catholic faith and continue to celebrate our faith but we have other faiths here,” Brother Rice High School President John Birney told local news station WJBK in defense of his decision.

He added that the school contains about 10 Muslim students who approached him with the idea of being given their own space to pray at the school. According to Birney, however, students of other faiths, including a Tibetan Budhist, also use the prayer room.

Birney also claimed that his decision fit just fine with the religious doctrine of the local archdiocese.


“In fact, the bishop last week issued a statement about respecting other faiths and the importance of freedom of religion,” Birney said.

Source: Detroit Catholic High School Just Opened a New Prayer Room… But It’s Far From a Christian One