Democrats are getting anxious one week from Election Day, with the presidential race seeming to tighten in the wake of a shock FBI announcement.

An ABC News/Washington Post tracking poll sent waves through Democratic ranks on Tuesday morning, when it found GOP nominee Donald Trump leading Democrat Hillary Clinton by a single percentage point among likely voters.

The poll also found that “strong enthusiasm” for Clinton had eroded by 7 points in recent days.

The FBI’s news has given a new spring to the step of Republicans, many of whom were resigned to a Trump defeat that might cost them the Senate majority just a week ago.

On the Democratic side, most supporters of Clinton think she will still prevail on Tuesday — but perhaps by a smaller margin than they once hoped.

An NBC News/Survey Monkey poll released Monday showed Clinton leading Trump by 6 points nationally. That result was a 1-point improvement for the Democrat over a poll by the same organizations released six days previously. Also Monday, a Reuters/Ipsos poll showed Clinton leading by 5 points nationwide, only a slight downtick from her 6-point margin from the equivalent poll last Thursday.

Both polls suggest there has been very little movement since FBI Director James Comey’s bombshell that agents had found emails that “appear to be pertinent” to its earlier investigation into Clinton. The two polls included responses from people surveyed before and after the FBI news.