This is horrible … but I wish I were surprised.

The liberal media has always tried to convince Americans that they’re regular Joes, just like you and I. They love this country as much as we do, they say, and they have no particular agenda they’re trying to enforce.

Actions speak louder than words, though, and the action taken by the reporters in the media room at Wednesday’s GOP debate spoke volumes. As our national anthem played before the debate, almost none of the reporters even bothered to stand up.

Yes, even a simple act of patriotism so basic that even our children know it is apparently alien to the men and women of the mainstream press corps.

This picture was taken by Breitbart (which proudly reported that its reporters did stand during the anthem). It shows most of the reporters doing almost anything other than standing up as the anthem was played.


Source: DEBATE VIDEO: Liberal Media Shows Massive Disrespect During National Anthem… Spread This