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If the shoe fits……

Big-time video game developer Mark Kern tweeted about some experiences he had with working with some employees from the Millennial generation and not all of it has been positive (some background –  Mark Kern has been involved in the creation of such famous titles as World of Warcraft, Firefall, Diablo 2, and Starcraft. He’s definitely been in the position of wanting to hire people, particularly young people just getting out of college) –^tfw^tfw

The good news is that he’s talking specifically about new hires whose experience is limited to gender studies and camping out on the quad and taking over the university president’s office because someone (who may or may not actually attend the school) looked at them funny. Usually, software engineers are too busy with actually writing code and all that other technical stuff that they paid big money to do to get all whiny over someone hurting their FEEEEEEEEELINGS.

His series of tweets started over a discussion of this article in the New York Post talking about how we came to the point where there are so many easily-offended twenty-somethings running around demanding that their feelings never, ever, ever, ever, ever be hurt, and obviously just by looking at Mark Kern’s Twitter stream (PS – If you go looking at Mark’s Twitter stream, be warned that he does post images of scantily-clad anime characters. But that’s just to tick off the Cult of Social Justice and their prudish crusade against “aggressive navel.” Long story. Ask me about it later.), it sparked some discussion –

Now we’re witnessing whiney college kids marching in the streets screaming obscenities or taking over the university president’s office for what?

Feeling slighted? Having their feelings hurt?

Talk about rebels without a cause.

I’ve traveled to many campuses in recent weeks and experienced the ‎melodrama of student grievances firsthand. To be fair, I should note that many of the students are impressive, with open and inquiring minds. It’s only a loud-mouthed minority whose mission is to shut out and shut down views they find a way to be offended by.


These leftist kids are agitated. Angry. This the hangover effect, I suspect, from the shattered utopian dreams of Hope and Change. I’ve noticed that these students attend my lectures not to learn anything — they know everything already — but hoping that I’ll slip up or say something they can label as offensive or that violates their eight-volume campus speech code.

That’s the biggest takeaway from all these protests on college campuses – these kids will not and cannot function in the real world.

Source: Dear Spoiled-Brat Millennials – This Could Be Why You’re Not Getting Hired – Chicks On The Right