Software cybersecurity magnate, and wealthy eccentric John McAfee says he’s launching a bid for the White House.

The field of presidential hopefuls grew this week, as software cybersecurity magnate John McAfee said that he would run for the White House next year and do so with his own political party, called the Cyber Party.

“I have a huge underground following on the web,” he told CNNMoney on Tuesday. “I promise you I will win because I have the votes.”

McAfee told CNN that he would talk about his “checkered background” and would win voters over with his personality

The 69-year-old, who was most recently featured in headlines as a fugitive from justice in Belize, released a video announcement on YouTube Tuesday, making some pretty good points about why things must change in Washington.

McAfee officially filed with the Federal Election Commission on Tuesday, writing in the document that, “I am founding a new party yet to be announced.”

He also said that he is running because governments around the world are “out of touch” with privacy concerns from average citizens.

“We’ve given up so much for the illusion of security and our government is simply dysfunctional,” he said, according to the report. Remarking upon his fellow contenders in the race, McAfee said of Donald Trump: “If I didn’t enter, he would’ve won.”


Source: John McAfee announces White House run as part of ‘Cyber Party’ – POLITICO

Photo: ABC News