The Donald strikes again.

Once in 1995, long before Donald Trump was the GOP presidential front-runner, he was traveling on a New Jersey highway when his limousine got a flat tire. A passing motorist stopped and asked if he could help out. He did help and afterward, Trump asked how he could repay the man for his nice gesture.

The man replied that Trump could send his wife a bouquet of flowers, a request to which Trump agreed.

The bouquet arrived some weeks later accompanied with a note that said, “We’ve paid off your mortgage.”

This story has been reported on by several outlets and it is popular primarily because it is related to Trump’s generosity.

Jerry Falwell Jr., president of Liberty University, appeared on “Hannity” on Monday and cited the story among several examples of Trump’s generosity.

“I got to know Donald Trump after he spoke (at Liberty) in 2012,” Falwell said. “I learned so much about him that the public never hears.

“Right after he visited here last time, I called him about a large Christian ministry in another state that needed some help,” Falwell explained. “I learned within a day or two he had donated $100,000 dollars of his own money.”

Trump helped Maytag keep some of its stores in the United States by buying items that could be used in his hotels, and he also helped out a local Domino’s Pizza restaurant, according to Falwell. Trump also rescued an inner-city basketball tournament from financial disaster.

No matter who the good samaritan is, it’s always nice to hear stories of life-changing generosity.

“He learned about Clyde Frazier Jr., who ran the Harlem Hoops tournament in the inner city and was killed in the 9/11 attacks,” Falwell added. “He searched down the family and donated the money to keep that tournament going.”

Source: Kind Couple Help Trump When His Limo Breaks Down… How He Repaid Them Completely Blew Their Minds