Six Kentucky State Police Troopers decided to stop and get something to eat at the end of a particularly long week dealing with the death and burial of Trooper Joseph Cameron Ponder.

Isabella Gregory — who is only five years old — pleasantly surprised the group of policemen at a McDonald’s in Elizabethtown on Friday when she offered to buy them desert after they had just left the funeral of a fellow officer.

“We drove all the way from Ashland, had left at 5:30 a.m. and none of us had eaten anything all day,” Trooper Eric Homan told WDRB.

Gregory walked up to the men as they ate and presented them with desert and a sincere message the men took to heart.

“We were finishing up eating and Isabella comes out of nowhere and she’s holding a tray of ice cream sundaes,” Homan recalled. “She stepped right in between us all without fear and was so proud to thank us for protecting her and her family.”

“Her gifts of ice cream and her words of encouragement was more than a treat for our stomachs. It lifted our spirits,” he added.

Sarah Yockey, Gregory’s mother, took a picture of the group, which has since gone viral — and it’s easy to see why… READ MORE

Source: Cops Stop To Eat After Funeral Of Fellow Officer… They Weren’t Ready For What Happened Next