The leaders of the Black Lives Matter movement have managed to convince a growing number of minorities that America’s police officers are evil men and women.

But three Good Samaritans recently proved that the anti-cop mindset that currently plagues this nation hasn’t yet won.

When Polk County Sheriff’s Deputy Mike Walsh was being viciously attacked by a black man who nearly ran him over as he was being pulled over for a traffic stop, three men — one Hispanic, one black and one white man — rushed to the deputy’s aid and saved his life.

Corey Johnson, the thug who ran a stop light and nearly wiped out Walsh as he sat on his motorcycle, turned violent after Walsh pulled him over. George Cooper was on his way to breakfast when he witnessed the traffic stop gone wrong.

“The boy, he just knocked the officer back off of the door then got on top and started whaling on him, started hitting him, knocked him down to the ground,” Cooper said.

Just as Johnson was going for the deputy’s gun, Cooper jumped out of his truck and chased the suspect with fellow Good Samaritan Antonio Velasquez.

“I just park my truck in the middle of the road. I run to them and he’s really fast, so I kick him and I punch him and he’s going to the ground,” Velasquez recalled.

A third man rushed to the scene and helped subdue Johnson while Walsh handcuffed him.

“I see he’s in trouble so I just have to stop and help. Even if he’s not a police officer, I would do it for anybody,” Velasquez said (H/T BizPac Review).

Source: Cop Pulls Over Thug But Immediately Gets Attacked… Then The Unexpected Happens