Rep. Mark Meadows spent his 56th birthday on Tuesday taking steps to dethrone Speaker John A. Boehner. But the North Carolina Republican, who had a subcommittee gavel taken and then given back to him last month, might have hurt his own effort by filing a non-privileged form of the motion, meaning it does not need to receive an immediate vote.

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A GOP leadership aide told CQ Roll Call on Tuesday evening that the motion would be referred to the Rules Committee, where it’s unlikely to be considered.

“This is the first I’m hearing about it,” Rules Chairman Pete Sessions, R-Texas, said Tuesday. “No one told me anything about this.”

Sessions said he would review the language and consider next steps, though the Rules Committee is also known as the “Speaker’s Committee” — as sure a sign as any the panel won’t be marking it up unless it had to.

Members on the House floor were also learning the news as it developed, whispering among one another and showing tweets and emails coming up on their smart phones. It was not immediately clear what Meadows’ end game was in filing a motion that required no action.

Source: Mark Meadows Looks to Dethrone Boehner as Speaker