'Comeback Kid'? Trump Trails Clinton by 2-Points, 'Back to a Close Race' Click to Tweet

A new online poll suggests Donald Trump is back in the game after falling behind Hillary Clinton in several post-convention polls.

Zogby Analytics survey that was published on Tuesday shows the New Yorker just behind the former secretary of state by two points, 38 percent to 36 percent.

“It seems the convention bumps are behind us and we are back to a close race!” the survey analysis suggests.

“What’s new in the online poll is that older millennials are starting to trend to Trump,” reports Washington Examiners’ Paul Bedard.

The survey shows Clinton leads with women, blacks, and Hispanics as well as middle income voters. Trump is leading with older voters, men and Independents.

Source: Poll: Clinton Leads Trump by Two Points, ‘Back to a Close Race’