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A student at Columbia University has claimed to have been traumatized by reading too many books written by and about white people.

Nissy Aya was part of a panel that discussed “Race, Ethnicity, and University Life” at the university and attributed her trauma of having to complete Columbia’s current Core Curriculum, which included six classes that focus on the culture and history of Western civilization.

Aya claims learning about the West was mentally stressful for her. Apparently, the curriculum has been so stressful that she will be graduating two years behind schedule. That, Aya says, demonstrates “how hard it has been for me to get through this institution,” though it’s worth noting she is an exceptional case, as Columbia has one of the highest four-year graduation rates in the country.

Aya also complained about her art class, where Congolese artwork was repeatedly defined as “primitive” and while she wanted to object to that definition, she was “tired of already having worked that day to address so many other instances of racism and discrimination.”

“These texts, wrought with histories and narratives of exclusion and oppression, can be difficult to read and discuss as a survivor, a person of color, or a student from a low-income background,” they said, according to WND.Aya suggested replacing Ovid’s work with pieces by black author Toni Morrison.

Source: Black Student Makes Shocking Demand After Being “Traumatized” By School Assignment