On Tuesday, Stephen Colbert made the transition from a fake conservative pundit to an equally fake late night talk show host. This time, though, he’s actually trying to be real, taking over for David Letterman on “The Late Show” at CBS.

On Colbert’s first show, the host spent six minutes simply bashing Donald Trump, including a jaw-droppingly inappropriate bit where he put the 2016 Republican front-runner’s visage on screen at the same time as a picture of Klansmen burning a cross.

Not only was the stunt in profoundly poor taste, it was also erroneous — the KKK was founded by Democrats and for many years acted as an official party arm in Dixie.

Whatever the case, America was turned off by the stunt, and they showed it by turning their TVs off. Colbert had a strong 4.9 rating on his first night on the air, but that dipped to a 3.2 estimated overnight rating for his Wednesday show, a drop of more than 35 percent.

The numbers were virtually identical to NBC’s “Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon,” in spite of the fact that Fallon is hardly new to the job. Even Chevy Chase thinks those numbers are bad…

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