Phot Credit: WikiCommons

Photo Credit: WikiCommons

CNN panelist Rula Jebreal said tonight Republican rhetoric on Muslims is getting to a point where if a gunman goes into a mosque to kill people, people like Ben Carson and Donald Trump will have “blood on their hands.”Jebreal told Don Lemon she’s very disturbed by anti-Muslim sentiment fomenting on the right…

So, following this logic, does Jebreal also think Obama has “blood on his hands” for his noted anti-Christian bigotry, considering the fact that Christians were singled-out for slaughter

She said it’s perfectly within the realm of possibility that someone “will go to a mosque tomorrow… and will start shooting people and then these people will have blood on their hands, all of them, Carson, Trump, and Ted Cruz.”

Source: CNN Guest: If Gunman Targets Mosque Tomorrow, Carson, Trump Will Have Blood on Their Hands | Mediaite