CNN: Hillary Watch Party In Iowa Draws Five People 


CNN Senior Washington Correspondent Jeff Zeleny reported that one of Hillary Clinton’s watch parties in Iowa was attended by only “about five people” on Saturday.

Zeleny said, “what her supporters are trying to do is strike up some enthusiasm here. But, I can tell you, Fredricka, that is going to be a challenge. We are here in Marshalltown, Iowa, it’s a town about an hour from Des Moines, and there are only a handful of people inside this watch party. There are watch parties across the country. We picked this one randomly. And there are about five people inside who are watching this. Certainly many more will be on hand tomorrow when Hillary Clinton is giving a big speech at the Iowa State Fair. But her challenge is enthusiasm. She’s not in this race alone, there are other Democrats running.”

Source: CNN: Hillary Watch Party In Iowa Draws Five People – Breitbart