Clinton’s 1992 Rebel Yell!

Despite sporting the Confederate Flag on a campaign lapel pin, Bill Clinton Has Always ‘Self-Annointed’ Himself as America’s First Black U.S. President…  

(And Still Could Be if Obama’s Ever Proven to Be the Kenyan He Once Boasted to Be! LOL)

I’d bet the ‘Clinton – Gore 1992’ Confederate Flag Lapel Pin Made the Clinton’s a Small Fortune ‘Back in the Day’…  Of Course, this was well before Hillary’s ‘wind-falls’ from betting cattle futures, the million dollar stump speeches, and the heady days of billion dollar ‘Clinton Foundation’ Cash Shakedowns.

“Clinton’s had a Confederate flag for their election yet she says now its disgusting and racist!  Also she hated gays like a few months ago but now she loves them . . ?”  

Source: GUESS WHO? Flip-Flop . . . You’ll Never Guess Who’s Campaign Pin This Is!!!