She’s blaming the New York Times, which is as pathetic as it is laughable…

Here’s all you need to know: The Clinton campaign doesn’t – and can’t – deny the nut of this story. Two Obama administration inspectors general want a criminal investigation into whether her personal email system contributed to the release of classified information.

A rogue email system that:– violated clear White House policy.– shielded her work from congressional oversight, media inquiries, or any accountability.– contributed to a conspiracy of secrecy worthy of criminal inquiry.

This from the Times:

On Monday, a federal judge sharply questioned State Department lawyers at a hearing in Washington about why they had not responded to Freedom of Information Act requests from The Associated Press, some of which were four years old.

“I want to find out what’s been going on over there — I should say, what’s not been going on over there,” said Judge Richard J. Leon of United States District Court, according to a transcript obtained by Politico.

The judge said that “for reasons known only to itself,” the State Department “has been, to say the least, recalcitrant in responding.”


When she’s not blaming the media, Republicans, bureaucrats, and technology – everything and anything, except the dog who ate her email – Clinton is destroying her credibility.

“There is no classified material,” she said. Wrong.

“Everything I did was permitted,” she said. Wrong.

“People should and do trust me,” she said. Wrong and wrong.

A majority of people don’t trust Clinton, because a majority of people aren’t blindly loyal to her or on her payroll.

Most people can sift through the spin, the lies, and the parsing to see the bottom line: She secreted and deleted her email for reasons we may never know. And she’s blaming everybody but the only person responsible for this mess, the only person who can clean it up: Hillary Rodham Clinton.

Source: Clinton’s Conspiracy of Secrecy Worthy of Criminal Probe –