Ron and Nancy Reagn freeuse

Leave it to The Times to do this to Nancy Reagan after her death.

On Sunday, America was shocked to learn of the death of beloved former first lady Nancy Reagan. But as the tributes poured in from both sides of the political aisle, some people couldn’t let past grievances go.

The New York Times decided that rather than run a nice story about Nancy Reagan, they would use this opportunity to remind everyone of the Iran-Contra scandal doing the Reagan administration.

“She also played a seminal role in the 1987 ouster of the White House chief of staff, Donald T. Regan, whom she blamed for ineptness after it was disclosed that Mr. Reagan had secretly approved arms sales to Iran,” wrote The Times.

It’s very typical for the failing Times to use any opportunity to try to boost its readership.

They couldn’t simply mourn like the rest of the nation; they had to try to stir things up.

“While trying to persuade her stubborn husband to apologize for the arms deal, Mrs. Reagan brought political figures into the White House, among them the Democratic power broker Robert S. Strauss, to argue her case to the president,” they wrote.

In all, The Times used three paragraphs of their story to talk about the Iran-Contra scandal, and many social media users took note of this.

Source: Failing NY Times Under Fire For Slipping THIS Disgusting Thing In Nancy Reagan’s Obituary