Ronda Rousey may have been knocked down but she doesn’t forget a promise.

The mixed martial artist attended Friday night’s Marine Corps Ball with Jarrod Haschert, a Marine who had asked her via a viral video last August.

When Rousey’s fight against Holly Holm was moved up to Nov. 14, it allowed her to fulfill her promise. So despite keeping out of the public eye since her surprising defeat against Holm, Rousey traveled to South Carolina to keep up her end of the bargain.”After the fight, she never hesitated for a second whether or not she was going to attend,” a source close to Rousey revealed to ESPN. “She made a promise to a Marine and was going to keep that promise. It was as simple as that. That’s Ronda.”TMZ caught Rousey at LAX as she was headed to the ball.

“Honestly I probably would stay on my couch crying and eating ice cream for another month if he didn’t ask me,” Rousey told TMZ.


Source: Ronda Rousey keeps promise to Marine, attends Ball as his date | Fox News