Christie BLASTS Rubio: He Won't Be Able to 'Slime His Way to the White House' Click to Tweet

GOP Gov. Chris Christie is amping up his famously tough-talking style to beat back attack ads from rival Sen. Marco Rubio, declaring the Florida lawmaker won’t be able “to slime his way to the White House.”

On the campaign trail in New Hampshire — where the New Jersey governor has won the endorsement of the state’s influential Union Leader newspaper — Christie unleashed the barbed criticism after a flurry of negative ads in the early-voting state, The Washington Post reports.

“I just don’t think Marco Rubio’s going to be able to slime his way to the White House,” Christie tells the Post. “He wants to put out a whole bunch of negative ads? Go ahead. I hope that he will acknowledge at some point that I couldn’t care less.”

He also jibed Rubio as having “never been in a tough race in his life,” and slammed him for his bipartisan “Gang of Eight” work on a failed 2013 immigration bill that has often been criticized by conservatives.

“The guy who advocated for amnesty and then ran away when the topic got too hot tells you two things: He’s not a reliable conservative, A, and, B, whenever it gets too hot, Marco turns tail and runs,” Christie tells the Post…


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