'Go to Hell': Chris Matthews Curses MRCTV for Asking If His 'Leg' Is Still 'Thrilled' for Obama Click to Tweet

MRCTV’s Dan Joseph wandered the spin room in Las Vegas on Tuesday night, and found MSNBC star Chris Matthews. “I asked him whether he was feeling the thrill or whether the thrill was gone after seven years of President Obama. As you will see, he was not amused.”

In fact, he said “Go to Hell,” which caused the video to be shared all over the Internet, including TheBlaze, the Daily Caller, the Free Beacon, Gateway Pundit, Hot Air, Independent Journal, Instapundit, and Twitchy, as well as Mediaite.

“We just wanted to know really quickly, how is your leg?” Joseph asked.

“What leg?” Matthews asked.

“The leg. Is the thrill still there in the leg or is it not?” Joseph asked.

“You can go to hell, OK? Just go to hell. Just leave me alone,” Matthews said, pushing Joseph away. “Just leave me alone. Just leave me alone.”

“Is the leg OK? Are you limping or is it–?” Joseph asked.


Matthews told him he had a “psychological problem” and waved him away…

To be frank, Matthews still sounds thrilled. See July 23, 2015, when Ken Shepherd noted he thought Obama was an Immaculate President, never accused of corruption:

Source: Chris Matthews Curses MRCTV for Asking If His Leg Is Still Thrilled