Maybe Hillary Wants Early Voting to Increase Fraud


Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton “doesn’t know what she’s talking about when she says Republicans oppose expanding early voting because they want to suppress votes,” New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie says.

New Jersey already has early voting the Republican Christie said Sunday on “Face the Nation,” and added that he opposes expanding it to avoid increasing opportunities for fraud.

“Maybe what’s what Mrs. Clinton wants to do,” Christie said. “But folks in New Jersey have an opportunity to vote.”

Christie then took a shot at Clinton’s reluctance to take questions from the press, saying that if she did she might learn something and “maybe she wouldn’t make such ridiculous statements.”

When host John Dickerson noted that Clinton says Republicans such as himself are fear-mongering when they say early voting raises the chances for fraud, Christie replied, ” She’s never been to New Jersey, I guess.”

Source: Chris Christie: Maybe Hillary Wants Early Voting to Increase Fraud