This is incredible.

The attack dogs in the liberal media have been targeting presidential candidate and retired neurosurgeon Dr. Ben Carson lately, due to his increasing popularity and subsequent rise in the polls.

Over the past couple of weeks, Carson has been besieged by partisan hit pieces and slanderous smears, all to no avail.

In fact, according to The Daily Caller, Carson has raised a significant amount of money over just the past few days, reportedly more than $3.5 million.

“What I have always said about the media is being proven for everyone to see,” Carson recently wrote on his Facebook page.

“But I have news for them. This week alone we raised $3,500,000.00 from almost 70,000 donations. Just here on Facebook we have gained over 100,000 new followers this week,” Carson continued.

“Their bias will only make us grow bigger, better and bolder!” he added.

It would seem that the liberal media hit pieces aimed at Carson are having the exact opposite of the desired effect, as more and more people flock to Carson’s side, rather than withdraw their support and abandon him.

CNN reported Friday that Carson is calling out the media for their efforts at digging into his past for anything that even remotely resembles a scandal, all in an effort to destroy his chances at receiving the GOP presidential nomination.

Source: Carson Rakes In Millions During Last 72 Hours… Here’s Who He Has to Thank for the Cash Influx