VIDEO: Entire Audience of “the View” Gasps When Ben Carson Says the Unthinkable About Women

The liberals don’t want to hear the truth.

CHARLESTON, S.C. – Ben Carson told a North Charleston crowd on Friday that the Islamic prophet Muhammad spread his faith through barbaric acts.

During a speech that primarily centered on national security, Carson delivered a brief history of Muhammad’s life and actions.

After discussing the prophet’s banishment from Mecca and his rise to prominence in Medina, the retired neurosurgeon listed off atrocities he claimed Muhammad’s army of faithful believers committed.

“They raped women, enslaved girls, and exterminated Jews [in the Arabian penisula],” Carson said.

The Republican presidential candidate segued away from those ancient terrors to discussing the horrors of ISIS and other jihadi groups today. He believes the United States should use its military power to make sure Islamic militants are “always on the run.”

When discussing various Muslim terror groups, he made a point to humorously note that he was pronouncing Hamas correctly. Carson had been mocked previously by some media critics for mispronouncing Hamas as “hummus.”

Carson spoke about how much he admires America’s armed forces to the group of roughly 70 attendees — most of them veterans — gathered to hear him talk at the North Charleston Airport Convention Center Friday morning.

“I’ve always enjoyed the military myself,” he said as he spoke about his high school involvement in Junior ROTC.

Carson argued in his speech that America’s military was significantly underfunded and needed to be updated to meet the latest world crises. He even endorsed revamping the space program.

He also talked about immigration policy and reiterated his support for strengthening border security, a point in which he made sure to preface it by saying “no offense to the Pope.”

The doctor goes into Saturday’s primary in South Carolina hoping to exceed the polls and renew life into his campaign. The RealClearPolitics polling average has him right now in last place with 7 percent.

Source: Carson: Muhammad’s Army Enslaved Girls And Killed Jews | The Daily Caller