For those of you who think that President Barack Obama is the antichrist, well … as comedian Bill Engvall is fond of saying, here’s your sign.

Barack Obama was one of many luminaries greeting Pope Francis during his papal visit to America. Many unusual religious apparitions seem to conglomerate around the Pope, but this was one that nobody expected.

“Haha! Perfectly Timed Photo shows President Obama with Horns while meeting with Pope Francis,” the person who tweeted this photo noted:


And, as The American Mirror reported, that wasn’t the only photo like that. Yes, more than once did Obama appear with “horns” (actually the Air Force logo, but whatever) behind his head. Sources also reported a strong smell of brimstone emanating from the chief executive’s general vicinity.


And how about this one?


That was Obama giving a speech in September of last year, again with goat horns.

While we generally believe those theories to be bunk, these pictures do make you think. After all, anyone who picks Joe Biden as a vice president and thinks that Obamacare would work has to be either stupid or evil.

Source: Can You Spot the Sinister Thing People Noticed About Obama As He Met the Pope? Look Closer…