Can Rubio Save the GOP in 2016?

RothenBlog from Roll Call

The Republican presidential field looks unusually diverse this cycle — an African-American (Ben Carson), an Indian-American (Bobby Jindal), a woman (Carly Fiorina) and a Hispanic, or, if you prefer, a Cuban (Marco Rubio). One candidate is married to a Hispanic originally from Mexico (Jeb Bush).There is even a Canadian in the field.Oh, wait. That can’t be.The Canadian actually is half Cuban (Ted Cruz), so that really makes one-and-a-half Cubans in the race.For a political party that relies overwhelmingly on the votes of whites, that’s a pretty diverse group.But most of the candidates frequently mentioned as being in the top tier in the Republican race — Bush, Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker and Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul — are non-Hispanic white men. The lone exception is Rubio.

Source: Here’s Why Marco Rubio Might Just Save the GOP in 2016