behind bars

This is insane.

Kelly Jo Ivey, 30, was sentenced to 60 years in prison for killing Deputy Sheriff Jesse Valdez, III, by driving under the influence of drugs, crossing into oncoming traffic and hitting Valdez’s car head on in 2014.

During the hearing the court was stunned to hear a recorded phone conversation Ivey had with her mother during which she admitted,“I drive high all the time.”

Prosecutors claimed Ivey admitted to getting high before she drove across the line and killed Valdez, according to KRTK. Toxicology reports later confirmed prosecutors’ argument.

Ivey’s attorneys attempted to say Valdez was the one who actually crossed over the line into oncoming traffic and struck her car.

But that argument didn’t defeat Ivey’s own recorded words. Brian Rogers of the Houston Chronicle wrote that the courtroom gasped after Ivey’s revelation and deputies present shook their heads in disbelief.

It didn’t take the jury long to reach a verdict and hand down a sentence of 60 years, 30 of which were to be served before Ivey could become eligible for parole.

Source: BOOM: Woman Who Killed Cop Didn’t Realize Her Jail Cell Was Bugged When She Admitted THIS