Burka Babe! 'Sesame Street' Unveils Hijab-Clad Muppet... Click to Tweet

The producers of U.S. Taxpayer-funded Sesame Street have created a brand new role model for young girls — the hijab-clad Muppet named Zari.  Now this isn’t the first time Sesame Street has used their seemingly harmless Muppets to indoctrinate young children with liberal politically-correct garbage (sorry, Oscar).  It won’t be the last episode either.  But sadly, if there was ever an international symbol for the repression of women in the world it would have to be the Muslim hijab or burka.  What do you think?  

Sesame Street unveiled a fresh face Thursday: a hijab-wearing Afghani Muppet named Zari who will teach kids about “girl empowerment, social and emotional wellbeing.”

Zari will first appear in season five of Baghch-e-Simsim, which is the Afghan version of Sesame Street.

The popular children show’s Twitter account was abuzz with Zari content Thursday.

Zara will focus on teaching “girls’ empowerment, national identity, physical health and social and emotional wellbeing,” a Sesame Street press release said.

Photo Credit: Screenshot, Twitter
“Sesame Street has done more to educate and entertain than any other children’s program in Afghanistan,” said Saad Mohseni, the president of the MOBY group, which airs numerous TV programs for Afghani children. “We are especially delighted about the introduction of Zari to Baghch-e-Simsim, which reflects Sesame’s commitment to the country and the show’s positive impact here.”

Source: ‘Sesame Street’ Unveils Hijab-Clad Muppet: ‘Zari’ Is A Feminist From Afghanistan – Breitbart