Sara and Paul Ray had just finished up their wedding ceremony earlier this month at the Clarksville Grace Church in Clarksville, Tennessee, and were preparing to leave the church and head to the reception.

That’s when Sara, a paramedic, received one of the worst calls a person can receive, particularly for a bride on her wedding day.

She learned that her father and grandparents, who had already left to get a head start on the reception, had been involved in a car accident just two miles from the church, after another driver ran a red light.

According to WTVF, the bride and new husband Paul, also a paramedic, rushed to the scene and began providing first aid, still wearing their wedding attire.

Sara’s mother arrived on the scene as well and took a picture of her daughter after she had finished doing her job on her wedding day.

She ultimately posted the incredible photo on the Montgomery County, Tennessee, Facebook page.

The post has since been “liked” more than 12,000 times, with numerous commenters calling Sara and Paul heroes, a description she has downplayed.

“Anybody in the EMS field would’ve done the same thing,” she explained. “ I don’t know if what I did was special but I was in a wedding dress.”

The story has a happy ending because none of her family members were seriously injured.

Source: Bride Enjoying Dream Day Takes Off Sprinting… Moments Later She’s Found at Bloody Scene