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After President Obama hinted that gun control was on the top of his priority list in his final year in office many have been concerned that he was thinking about circumventing Congress once again and issuing an executive order.

Now it appears those fears were warranted and the president is going to use his executive powers right after the holiday season to address gun control.

From Roll Call:

Senior congressional aides and sources in the gun-control community expect the White House to use its executive powers to tighten federal gun laws shortly after President Barack Obama returns from a Hawaiian vacation in early January.

White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest said Thursday he anticipates a legal review to continue through the holidays.

Since the deadly shooting in San Bernardino, Calif., White House officials have been, as Earnest has put it, “scrubbing through the law” to determine whether and how Obama can use his constitutional authorities to make it harder for terrorists and other potential mass shooters to legally obtain firearms.

On both sides of the Capitol, sources involved in the guns debate say, as one senior House GOP leadership aide put it, “something is brewing on guns.”

Rather than work with Congress — something he has proven he is incapable of doing — President Obama is set to issue an executive order stripping rights away from Americans…

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