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Everyone needs to know about this.

Watchdog group, Judicial Watch has sued the Obama administration for immigration documents connected with its recent campaign to pursuade permanent residents to become naturalized United States citizens.

In a statement released Thursday, Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton said the group initially filed a Freedom of Information Act request with U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services in May looking for information that USCIS had sent to green card holders.

The information allegedly encouraged them to become naturalized citizens before the 2016 election, Breitbart reported.

Because the USCIS failed to comply with that request in a timely fashion, the group has filed suit against the Obama adminsitration.

“Judicial Watch is looking to uncover the Obama administration’s political prioritization of our immigration system in order to receive votes,” Fitton said.

“This shouldn’t come as a surprise to most Americans but the blatant manipulation of our immigration system — at the expense of others — for political gain needs to be exposed for everyone to see,” he added.

Judicial Watch claimed that USCIS moved resources from its “Electronic Immigration System” to circulate letters focused on naturalization prior to the election in conjunction with Obama’s plan to assist permanent residents in becoming citizens.

“USCIS would normally conduct a criminal and security background investigation of an immigration applicant upon his or her filing for naturalization,” the group said.

“This process reportedly has been expedited, reminiscent of Clinton-era “Citizenship USA” program and “lean and light,” it added.

The lean and light program reportedly abandoned illegal alien background checks to carry out amnesty requests.

Source: BREAKING: Watchdog Group Files Suit To Get Documents And Expose Obama’s Sick Immigration Secret