Bernie and Hillary freeuse

A report from The U.K. Guardian stated that the Iowa Democrat Party unilaterally changed the results from Monday’s Iowa caucus to award an extra delegate to Hillary Clinton at the expense of Vermont socialist Sen. Bernie Sanders.

According to The Guardian’s report, the discrepancy came in Grinnell Ward 1, a ward that contains prestigious liberal arts school Grinnell College. Unsurprisingly, Sanders cleaned up, scoring 19 delegates to Hillary’s seven in the heavily student-influenced district.

However, instead of keeping the results the way they were, party officials instead decided to change the results to give one delegate unilaterally to Hillary Clinton at the expense of Sanders. However, precinct secretary J. Pablo Silva was not notified by the Iowa Democrat Party.

If this sounds a bit suspicious, well, it hardly registered on a night where delegates were decided by coin tosses and caucus-goers mysteriously went missing. However, the delegate swap would be the most tangible evidence of shenanigans on the part of the Iowa Democrat Party.

Well, except for the “HRC 2016” license plates sported by the party chair.

“We had been made aware of the concerns in this precinct, and we are in the process of reviewing them with local party leadership,” said Sam Lau, spokesman for the Iowa Democrat Party. “We have received a small amount of flags from both the Sanders and Clinton campaigns, and we are addressing each on a case-by-case basis by working with our county leaders.”

Also of note is the fact that this story only broke outside the United States, in the United Kingdom. And, even though The Guardian published its story last Friday, there hasn’t been much discussion of the issue in the United States since.

Source: BREAKING: UK Paper Drops Bombshell on What Dems Did With Iowa Caucus Votes