This is absolutely massive … America needs to know this.

In one of the most scathing critiques of the Obama administration’s handling of our armed forces, a former general told an audience at the Values Voters Summit that the president’s policies of “social experimentation” had decimated our military’s readiness.

According to CNS News, retired Maj. Gen. Robert Dees made the comments about the Obama administration’s social agenda in the military, including the promotion of an openly gay man to the post of secretary of the Army.

“Not only are we losing physical readiness to fight, we have to fix the problem of moral readiness,” Dees told the crowd.

“I think the moral readiness of our forces is even more important than the physical readiness, which is very low,” the general later told CNS News. “The moral readiness is degraded by social experimentation within our military.”

“In fact, social experimentation is improperly named because it’s not an experiment at all. It’s a top-driven mandate for social agendas that occurs by this administration within the military, which is a captive audience,” Dees added. “It is not enhancing our readiness; it declines our readiness.”

When asked about the appointment of Eric Fanning as the first openly gay secretary of the Army, Dees said, “Well, I think it’s a very loud statement by the administration. It’s not an accident. We respect all people and yet, it’s tantamount to lighting the White House in rainbow colors.”

Source: BREAKING: U.S. Army General Launches BOMBSHELL Claim Against Obama… Spread the Word