French police

Who didn’t see this coming? Oh yeah, that’s right….Obama.

As if we needed more warnings about the perils of liberally welcoming refugees from the Middle East under current circumstances, here goes.

 Two men suspected of links to last month’s Paris attacks have just been arrested in Austria. And, you may have guessed, they were found in a refugee center there.

Via Reuters:

Two people have been arrested at a refugee center in the Austrian city of Salzburg on suspicion of being connected to last month’s Paris attacks, the Salzburg prosecutors’ office said on Wednesday.

The two are men who are thought to have provided help to members of the group that carried out the attacks on Nov. 13 in which 130 people were killed, two Austrian newspapers reported.

“Two people who arrived from the Middle East were arrested at the weekend in accommodation for refugees on suspicion of belonging to a terrorist organization,” Robert Holzleitner, a spokesman for the Salzburg prosecutor’s office, said.

“As part of the preliminary investigation, evidence suggesting a connection with the Paris attacks is being verified,” he added, declining to comment on the specifics of the newspaper reports. 

The men came into contact with the Paris attackers in Austria, local newspaper Salzburger Nachrichten reported, adding that they were found based on information provided by a foreign intelligence service. 

An Austrian Interior Ministry spokesman and a Salzburg police spokeswoman declined to comment.

Do you think anyone in the Obama administration will pay attention to this discovery?? No. We didn’t think so either.

Source: BREAKING: Two men linked to Paris terror attacks have just been found in… – Allen B. West –