Trump: I Will Build ‘a Big Beautiful Safe Zone’ in Syria for Muslim Refugees

This could literally change everything.

Republican presidential hopeful Donald Trump has consistently remained one of the party’s front-runners in primary polls. However, other candidates have been picking up speed and threaten to “trump” The Donald early next year when voting begins.

The GOP establishment was concerned earlier this year that the business mogul would run as an independent if he failed to secure the Republican bid — a feat that would pose a danger to the GOP’s chances of putting their candidate in the White House.

A third-party run by Trump could siphon many right-wing voters away from the Republican candidate, splitting the vote and practically guaranteeing the Democrats a victory next November.

The party therefore began putting pressure on Trump to disavow any plans of seeking a third-party bid, and, eventually, he agreed.

But, apparently, that agreement came with certain strings attached for the GOP, and it seems as though Trump has reason to believe the party’s side of the bargain has not been upheld.

Trump recently tweeted this:

Donald J. Trump @realDonaldTrump

.@WSJ reports that @GOP getting ready to treat me unfairly—big spending planned against me. That wasn’t the deal!

Source: BREAKING: Trump Backpedals on Major Promise… GOP Establishment Is TERRIFIED