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Long-time Ted Cruz supporter Sarah Palin will announce her endorsement today and it’s not going to be Ted Cruz. Who is she endorsing?

Rumor has it…^tfw

Rick Tyler, a spokesman for Sen. Ted Cruz, says if Palin were to endorse Trump, it wouldn’t be a “blow” to Cruz’s presidential efforts, it would be a “blow” to Palin instead. The Cruz campaign is arguing that Ted is a more principled and knowledgable constitutional conservative, who has the track record to back it up. Trump, on the other hand, has no experience writing or passing conservative legislation in Congress.

Sarah Palin’s endorsement of Trump is a surprise, given the recent attacks by Rush Limbaugh, Mark Levin and Glenn Beck on Donald Trump.

From Breitbart:

“I think it’d be a blow to Sarah Palin because Sarah Palin has been a champion for the conservative cause, and if she was going to endorse Donald Trump, sadly, she would be endorsing someone who’s held progressive views all their life on the sanctity of life, on marriage, on partial-birth abortion,” Tyler said. “He supported TARP bailout. It goes on and on and on. Donald Trump claims he’s changed all those views. But I think if it was Sarah Palin — let me just say, I’d be deeply disappointed.”

Source: BREAKING: Sarah Palin Reportedly Will Endorse This Candidate TODAY…