Hopefully they are able to pass this legislation.

Republicans in the Senate will push this week for a bill that would punish so-called “sanctuary cities” by stripping them of federal funding, Pennsylvania Sen. Pat Toomey said.

Speaking in the weekly GOP address, Toomey said the legislation to go after sanctuary cities also contains the bill known as “Kate’s law,” named for Kate Steinle, who was murdered by a five-times deported illegal immigrant. It would would slap a five-year mandatory minimum sentence on any illegal immigrant caught in the country after a previous deportation.

Sanctuary city policies allow local municipalities and counties to essentially ignore federal immigration law and shield illegal immigrants from deportation, even after they have committed violent crimes against American citizens.

“These sanctuary policies are dangerous, and they undermine enforcement of our immigration laws,” Toomey declared.

While liberal critics of the legislation are calling them racist and anti-immigrant, Toomey said the laws are not really about immigration and are actually focused on “stopping criminals.”

According to The Hill, President Barack Obama has vowed to veto any legislation that would punish sanctuary cities, but Toomey noted in his address that even some members of the administration agree that sanctuary city policies are no good.

“President Obama’s own Secretary of Homeland Security has declared that sanctuary cities are, quote, ‘not acceptable’ and ‘counter-productive’ to public safety,” Toomey said.


Source: BREAKING: GOP Makes Bombshell Move Against Obama’s Sanctuary Cities… This Is Huge