Al Jazeera made a big mistake, and now it’s paying for it!

Justice has finally been served in the case of Al Jazeera, a shoddy news agency whose American television branch will be shutting down in April, only four months after it ran a false news story about NFL quarterback Peyton Manning doping up.

“The decision by the AJAM board was ‘driven by the fact that our business model is simply not sustainable in light of the economic challenges in the U.S. media marketplace,’ said AJAM CEO Al Anstey,” Al Jazeera announced in a news briefing published early Thursday morning.

Specifically, AJAM failed to secure enough advertisers, let alone viewers. Moreover, according to The New York Times, the culture at AJAM was allegedly one of fear and discrimination, with a number of staff members who left the organization last year having complained that anti-Semitism and sexism ran rampant behind the scenes.

Judging by the way Al Jazeera used an unethical undercover video of some medical professional talking trash to smear Manning, as well as Major League Baseball players Ryan Zimmerman of the Washington Nationals and Ryan Howard of the Philadelphia Phillies, a fear of deceit was also present.

This is what makes the company’s fall from grace, assuming it ever had any in the first place, so incredibly sweet.

Al Jazeera America had the opportunity to prove to Americans that Muslims can provide meaningful, non-biased news. Instead the network wasted that opportunity in favor of pursuing its own agenda, which we previously reported was all about serving as nothing more than a proxy for the government of Qatar.

Source: BREAKING: Peyton Manning Gets An EPIC Last Laugh After Al Jazeera Makes Devastating Announcement